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Terri Nicole

Terri Nicole finds joy in blending her unique gifts and experiences to help a wide range of individuals and companies achieve their goals through her roles as Educator, Actor, Voice Actor, and Speaker.

In the voiceover arena, Terri Nicole is clear on her mission: Bring a highly nuanced and impactful vocal delivery to the eLearning industry and teach others the craft of voicing eLearning to help learners change and grow and companies to meet their training goals increase their profitability.


Through her unique background and robust experiences as an educator in inclusion classrooms, corporate trainer, senior education specialist,  and trained voice actor, Terri has mastered the art of turning every eLearning module she voices into a dialogue with the learner.


A true specialist in eLearning voiceovers, who gets that CARE for the learner and their experience is at the heart of narrating courses, Terri works with companies such as Intuit, Lakewood University, US Navy, Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch, and more,  to expertly voice hundreds of training modules each year, taking their expertly designed training modules to new heights and across the finish line to help create memorable, meaningful and motivating listening experience for each learner.


And while Terri specializes in eLearning, she is well-versed in TV and radio commercials, documentaries, political spots, character voices and corporate narration. Her voice can be heard in spots for Dearfoam, McDonalds, Air National Guard, New York Mayoral Office, Microsoft, State of Vermont, Georgia Power and recently through your Amazon Alexa. Terri has appeared in commercials and in print work for Chase, American Greetings, Ohio Lottery, Bank of America, ESPN, as well as plays such as A Midsummers Night’s Dream, Oak and Ivy, Once on this Island and From the Mississippi Delta.


Terri received her training in Public Speaking through Shine Speaker Bootcamp and a 16-week course with, Dr. Eric Thomas, who currently holds the number 2 position in most influential speakers. She has spoken at the Coming Out of the Dark student conference, the Shine Speaker Bootcamp and at her bimonthly Toastmaster meetings.


As an early adopter in the AI voices space, Terri’s Voice Dubb is coming to market in March 2022  bringing Terri's signature sound as well as greater diversity to the voice of things and voice-first experiences!


Terri operates her vetted recording studio and office of Terri Nicole Productions, Inc. out of her home in Atlanta, Georgia. She holds a Master’s in Technology, Innovation & Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education, a certificate in Entrepreneurship from Lakewood University, and a degree in Comparative Literature from Columbia University. She also proudly boasts several knots on her head from her "fail fast, grow exponentially" approach.

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