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As an early adopter in the AI voices space, Terri’s Voice Dubb is coming to market soon, bringing greater diversity to the voice of things!

What are VoiceDubbs?

VoiceDubbs are the next generation of voice-over. Neither TTS nor human, VoiceDubbs are AI-powered superhuman voice — offering the best of both worlds. When you need audible content fast, and Terri Nicole isn’t available, book her VoiceDubb. You’ll get the consistency and quality of Terri’s voice with the speed and efficiency of AI.

What Types of Projects are VoiceDubbs Suited for?

VoiceDubbs are best for your short-form content needs, i.e., on-hold messaging, marketing and ad campaigns, in-store and overhead messaging, short eLearning modules, radio ads, etc., rather than long-term content such as audiobooks, intensive film narration, etc. 

Introducing AI Terri, your superhuman voice talent

My aim is to contribute and help shape the direction of conversational AI as early as possible. Being a part of something provides the opportunity to be part of laying some of the groundwork.  That's why I was grateful for the opportunity to speak at VO Atlanta 2022's Conference. I really loved collaborating on this with Avery O Williams, Jim Kennelly, Sam Ufret and Rupal Patel, who joined me both live and  via Zoom and through video for this multi-media presentation. 

It is simple to hire Terri's AI Voice

It is simple to hire Terri's AI Voice

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