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Explore the possibilities

As an early adopter in the AI voices space since 2021, Terri is seeking new opportunities to use her synthetic voice to bring her unique sound plus greater diversity to the voice of things and experiences!

Past Projects

2021 - 2023

VoiceDubbs are neither TTS nor human, but AI-powered superhuman voices — offering the best of both worlds. This explorative project began as a collaboration with VocalID and Lotas Productions. It was an unparalleled opportunity for Terri to be part of a pioneering project while learning about the speed, efficiency and use cases for AI.

Seeking new partnerships!

In addition to offering an AI voice for her client's short-form content needs, i.e., lightening-fast pick ups even when she's away from her studio, Terri is open to opportunities to synthesize her voice at scale to give a wider range of clients the ability to infuse their projects with her rich, inviting and versatile voice for their projects.

My aim is to contribute and help shape the direction of conversational AI as early as possible. Being a part of something provides the opportunity to be part of laying some of the groundwork.  That's why I was grateful for the opportunity to speak at VO Atlanta 2022's Conference. I really loved collaborating on this with Avery O Williams, Jim Kennelly, Sam Ufret and Rupal Patel, who joined me both live and  via Zoom and through video for this multi-media presentation. 

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