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2020 was a pivotal year in Terri’s career, as it was for many. As a full-time voice talent, her desire to voice words of her own creation, about the things that  intrigued, perplexed, angered, inspired and delighted her took her in new directions.

For 16 weeks, Terri had the privilege and challenge of studying and practicing the art of Public Speaking with the #2 Speaker in the world – Dr. Eric Thomas, who helped her to find her unique perspective and topics and craft them into talks that would bring hope and help to others. Terri also completed Shine Speakers Bootcamp, deepening her speaking skills by learning the art of being an Investigative Speaker. To support her continuous evolution as a speaker, Terri faithfully attends Toastmasters to both speak and and listen and learn from others.

Her signature talk titles include:

  • From Bystander to Star Player of Your Life

  • Making Tough Decisions as a Catalyst for Growth

  • Validation is Not as Optional as You Think

  • Save the Drama for the Mic: Voice Actors Need an Innovation Strategy  in the Face of AI Voices

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