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Gather, motivate and move your audience with authentic connection.

Terri Nicole provides dynamic performances, talks and consulting services to corporations, studios, schools, government entities and individuals that resonate deeply within and inspire bold growth.



Voice Over

Create emotionally immersive and memorable experiences for your audience with Terri Nicole Voice Overs


Trained at Karamu House, the oldest Black theater in the country, Terri has appeared in stage plays, television commercials and print work and continues to develop her acting craft.

Educational Consulting

Trusted by online, K-12 Schools, higher ed and corporations, Terri Nicole creates bespoke educational experiences for individuals and institutions to boost learning and engagement.


Terri’s talks ask the big questions and help others to rethink the status quo for tangible impact.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Looking to lend a diverse and engaging voice for your IOT, customer service and scratch tracks? Look no further than Terri Nicole’s captivating AI voice. OR Then say good bye to Siri and hello to Terri

eLearning VO Course

Enroll in the VO eLearning Accelerator 


...and hundreds more!



Meet Terri Nicole

Terri Nicole is “not just a pretty voice,” but a woman-owned production company with unstoppable talent, energy and passion to make everything she touches "even better."  With a wide background in everything from educator to voiceover artist, stage and on-screen actor to educational consultant and public speaker to salsa dancer, to most recently, A Voice, Terri brings a creative and intuitive perspective to helping individuals and businesses solve problems and realize their big bold goals - all in her signature feisty, fun and fierce way.


That's why clients who partner with Terri describe her as "a dream tor work with." Talk with Terri today about your business dreams and needs and make your projects - even better.

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Years of Experience in Education Which Adds Exceptional Value to Your E-learning Projects


Years of Acting and Dance Experience Help to Expertly Convey the Precise Emotional Pitch to Your Audience


Countries And Counting Where Terri Nicole’s Voice Has Been Heard


Projects on Budget, On Time, With Exceptional Client Feedback



Steps From Living Room to Studio – Meaning Lightning Fast Delivery of Revisions and Last Minute Additions



“Working with Terri doesn't feel like work. I've collaborated with many talented folks over many years, and Terri-Nicole Singleton is one of the best.”

Dan Popp

Owner, Colors Audio

Quincy Harris

Host, Media Expert, Brand Influencer

Dr. Eric Thomas

World Renowned Motivational Speaker | Pastor | Author | Educator

Fun. Fiesty. Fierce.

Terri Nicole is not just a pretty voice. She finds joy in blending her unique gifts and experiences to help a wide range of individuals and companies achieve their goals through her roles as Educator, Actor, Voice Actor, and Speaker.